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transport airport prague taxi taxi na letištětransport airport prague taxi taxi na letiště

Transport in Prague!

No waiting fees

No payment per kilometer

No starting rates

We provide reliable and comfortable taxi transfer from and to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně) and for other destinations, according your specified requirements.

You don’t have to think how far your hotel or favorite city is, or how to get from the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně). With us you pay only fort the taxi car (minibus) with an experienced driver.

You don’t have to worry about finding your own car in order and undamaged after the Prague Airport arrival. Plus, you won’t waste your time looking for affordable parking lot. You don’t have to think about getting to the airport with overcrowded public transport. With our cheapest taxi you’ll avoid the uncomfortable travel with transfers and route planning.

How much is the cheapest taxi from (to) the Prague Airport?

For the transportation from or to the Prague Airport we charge only 680 CZK or 28 EUR, regardless of whether the car has one or four passengers. Prices for the cheapest transfers from the airport to selected locations can be found on our website. The same prices apply in the opposite direction to Prague Airport (Prague Vaclav Havel Airport - Ruzyne).

Reasonable prices for our transport also apply to trips outside of Prague. If desired, we can calculate the exact cost. To do this, please write to us by email:

Taxi from and to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně)

Awaiting a journey to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně)? Do you need a transport from the Prague Airport back home? Travel comfortably, safely and at a reasonable price – just order the cheapest taxi in Prague online or call (+420) 728 199 816. We provide the transportation from and to the Prague Airport nonstop 24-7.

1 - 4 680CZK (28€) / 5 - 8 890CZK (37€)
Call 24/7
(+420) 728 199 816


Information for passengers arriving or departing at the airport in Prague: in the interest hadkého during airport check-in baggage observe weight limits. The international standard that prescribes the dimensions of luggage there. Weight and dimensions of baggage varies by airline according to destination, where you fly, by class, and by the distance of the flight. When traveling with a low-cost flight or airline, you will probably be charged a fee for luggage. Low cost airlines are known for their strict rules regarding luggage. It is advisable to check the weight of luggage before departure, you do not have to pay a fee for airline overweight luggage. For other airlines you can have the item of luggage weighing 23 kg if traveling in economy class. If you are traveling with a cargo airline in first class (business class), you have luggage weighing 32 kg. Some airlines will only allow one piece of hand luggage, while other air transport companies have no weight limit on hand baggage. Inform yourself about the weight of baggage with your airlines.

baggage for airport check

Instructions for handling luggage at the airport Ruzyne found on boarding pass or check with your airline transport company.


Large luggage such as bicycles, musical instruments, skis and umbrellas are accepted during air travel. The cost of transporting large luggage varies by air freight companies. For air transport of large luggage or animals perform check-in counters for big luggage. At the exact procedure for handling large luggage check with your airline transport company. For some air freight companies can carry small dogs and cats in hand luggage.


The aircraft in each airline shipping company is only allowed one piece of hand luggage. There is no international regulation on the size of hand luggage nor the dimensions of hand luggage in international air transport. Check with your airline to an international transportation company with dimensions of hand luggage. Maximum security is guaranteed by a thorough inspection of your baggage and hand baggage, at the airport before boarding an aircraft. A number of dangerous items out of view of safety in air transport by EU regulations must not be taken on board an aircraft. Please check with your airline or shipping company for information counters at Prague Airport, which items belong to this group and are allowed to take on board aircraft. More information in SAFETY RULES. Contact contacts contacts contact info for passengers:
Prague Airport, airport, K ​​6, Prague 6, Czech Republic
Phone +420 220 111 888
Web: Prague Airport Website

OPTIONS airport check PRAGUE

at Prague airport check-in counters are located in the departure halls of the two terminals (terminál1, terminál2). To check-in at the airport in Prague, you need a valid ticket (paper ticket, e-ticket), voucher or reservation code, passport or identity card and if you are flying to a country where visas are required, so a visa. Check-in counters at the airport will open two hours before the flight departure and close 30 minutes before flight departure. Airport Prague Ruzyne Vaclav Havel recommends: Check with your airline or the Prague Airport information when opening before departure check-in desk. Check-in counter at Prague Airport pass their luggage to check in to your final destination and receive a baggage ticket and boarding pass, where you have allocated space in the aircraft. Then proceed to the airport passport control and security checks.


oversize or unusual luggage (skis, bicycles, carts, strollers, umbrellas, surfboards ...) it is necessary to agree with the employee at the check-in counter at the airport. The luggage will be sent from the check-in desk Oversized baggage. These counters are in departure lounges of both terminals, Terminal 1 Terminal 2 at the airport in Prague. If checkin nonstandard item of luggage please consult check with the airline or travel agency (for charter flights). Large travel bag may be subject to specific conditions of transport.


Do you have an electronic ticket? For some air freight companies is the option checked in online 48 hours before departure of your aircraft. For regular service to inform your airline transport company. List of air freight companies that allow electronic clearance is given below. Internet check-saving process, which you can spend at Prague's Ruzyne airport in Prague, Vaclav Havel.

self check-in kiosks at Prague Airport

Prague Ruzyne Airport offers passengers check-in kiosks. Prague airport Vaclav Havel has 16 check-in kiosks at Terminal 2 and 9 check-in kiosks at Terminal 1 Self check-in passengers to allow only those airlines transport companies: Francouzká airline Air France, the Russian cargo airline Aeroflot, Austrian airline Austrian Airlines, Belgian air transportation company Brussels Airlines, Czech airline CSA Czech Airlines, Finnish cargo airline Finnair, airline US Delta Airlines, the Spanish air transport company Iberia, the German airline Lufthansa, a Dutch cargo airline KLM, Turkish airline Turkish Airlines. It is expected that other airlines will begin to enjoy the self-service check-in kiosks at airports in the future. Use self-service check-in kiosks at Prague airport where passengers can aforementioned airlines (airlines), who have an electronic ticket. If you can not self-service kiosk to check in at the airport in Prague for a given flight, you are reminded to use the standard clearance. Identification at the Prague airport Ruzyne with self-service check-in terminals is done manually entering the electronic ticket number, passport loading, loading, credit cards, loading the already printed boarding flights, manually entering numbers el. tickets and manually entering the numbers of some loyalty cards. When traveling with only hand luggage immediately after passing through security check and passport control. Contact contacts contacts contact info for pessengers:
Prague Airport, airport, K ​​6, Prague 6, Czech Republic
Phone +420 220 111 888
Web: Prague Airport Website

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