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transport airport prague taxi taxi na letištětransport airport prague taxi taxi na letiště

Transport in Prague!

No waiting fees

No payment per kilometer

No starting rates

We provide reliable and comfortable taxi transfer from and to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně) and for other destinations, according your specified requirements.

You don’t have to think how far your hotel or favorite city is, or how to get from the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně). With us you pay only fort the taxi car (minibus) with an experienced driver.

You don’t have to worry about finding your own car in order and undamaged after the Prague Airport arrival. Plus, you won’t waste your time looking for affordable parking lot. You don’t have to think about getting to the airport with overcrowded public transport. With our cheapest taxi you’ll avoid the uncomfortable travel with transfers and route planning.

How much is the cheapest taxi from (to) the Prague Airport?

For the transportation from or to the Prague Airport we charge only 680 CZK or 28 EUR, regardless of whether the car has one or four passengers. Prices for the cheapest transfers from the airport to selected locations can be found on our website. The same prices apply in the opposite direction to Prague Airport (Prague Vaclav Havel Airport - Ruzyne).

Reasonable prices for our transport also apply to trips outside of Prague. If desired, we can calculate the exact cost. To do this, please write to us by email:

Taxi from and to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně)

Awaiting a journey to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně)? Do you need a transport from the Prague Airport back home? Travel comfortably, safely and at a reasonable price – just order the cheapest taxi in Prague online or call (+420) 728 199 816. We provide the transportation from and to the Prague Airport nonstop 24-7.

1 - 4 680CZK (28€) / 5 - 8 890CZK (37€)
Call 24/7
(+420) 728 199 816

We are a low-cost service provider in the field of passenger transport. We provide transportation from and to Václav Havel Airport in Prague. We have been operating since 2001.

We use modern vehicles with a large luggage compartment

Our drivers are carefully trained in the rules of safe driving.

We adhere to the quality of our services for all orders.

Our dispatchers will help you find the parked vehicle after your arrival.


Find out the price -> online booking


The cheapest taxi to / from Václav Havel Airport Prague

We will take you to Václav Havel Airport safely and on time. After the taxi arrives at the selected terminal, we will help you unload your luggage. You can expect the same approach when being picked up from the airport. With us, you have a guarantee of honest dealings, decency and the cheapest prices.

We provide transportation from / to the airport with modern cars that are clean and regularly maintained.


Try our cheap transfer from/to Prague airport

+420 728 199 816

Before a holiday or business trip, people think about a lot of things – the course of the trip, the accommodation provided and the flight itself. In addition, they often try to make sure that they have everything they need in their luggage.

Don't waste your time studying timetables. Prefer comfortable travel with our transport company. Get the cheapest ride to or from the airport and forget about overcrowded public transport connections.

You can book a transfer by phone and get the cheapest taxi in Prague – Our cars are clean, regularly maintained and equipped with air conditioning. Indicative price list for transfers from/to the airport. The average waiting time for a taxi is only 30 minutes here. Each car is equipped with a terminal for accepting payment cards. For trips in the Czech Republic/EU, you can use our cheap transfers outside of Prague. We have decent and experienced drivers, we have the lowest prices. You don't pay for airport parking or any other fees.


Interesting facts about Václav Havel Airport Prague

Václav Havel Prague Airport (formerly Prague Ruzyně Airport) is approximately 15-20 km from the city center. It is one of the largest airports in Central and Eastern Europe. Around ten million passengers check in here every year.

Václav Havel Airport in Prague is used for domestic and international flights with direct connections to approximately 130 destinations.

Did you know that you can reach Václav Havel Airport by car from the center of Prague in approximately 30 minutes? If you use the bus service, the trip will take about an hour. There are currently no trains, metro or trams to the airport. In addition, public transport can be unreliable and, especially when there is a lack of time, its use is risky.

Václav Havel Prague Airport (formerly Prague Ruzyně Airport) is one of the most frequent departure and destination locations of our customers.


Why is transportation with our taxi service worthwhile?

You don't have to worry about whether you will find your car safe and undamaged upon arrival. In addition, you won't waste time looking for affordable parking. You don't have to think about how to get to the airport with overcrowded public transport. In a taxi, you avoid uncomfortable travel, transfers and route planning.


How much is the cheapest taxi from/to the airport?

We charge only 680 CZK or 28 EUR for transportation to and from the airport, regardless of whether one or four people will be traveling in the car. Indicative prices for taxis from the airport to selected locations can be found on our website. The same amounts also apply when traveling to the airport.

We also offer favorable prices for trips outside Prague. If you want to know the exact amount for transport, write to the email: or call us by this phone number (+420) 728 199 816 (you can also use WhatsApp)


Tips for transport to / from Prague airport

You can book an individial transfer in Prague and cheap taxi online. Our trained dispatchers will help you find a parked car.

We provide a special taxi service (individual transfer) that will transport you easily and quickly from/to Václav Havel Airport (Ruzyně). You avoid waiting for a taxi, complicated public transport, or even the risk of being cheated by a dishonest taxi driver. Our airport transfers are a convenient, reliable and cost-effective way to get you and your luggage to your final destination.


Other transportation options from Prague Ruzyně Airport

For many passengers, public transport (public transport) is certainly sufficient, which is undoubtedly reliable, cheap, but on the other hand, not very comfortable, especially for passengers with small children or a large number of luggage.

Another option is to order a regular taxi or use the airport taxi parked right in front of the airport hall. The frequent overcharging and often questionable level of service of some taxi companies does not guarantee that you will get the quality you rightly expect for your money. The stories of robbed tourists (often also local ones) and inspection statistics show that Prague still has a lot of catching up to do compared to other cities in order to permanently ensure the quality of taxi services. Unfortunately, the term "Taxi and the city of Prague" is still associated with overcharging.

The last option is to choose transportation to the airport with your own car and use one of the parking lots. This option is certainly sufficient for those who want to use their own car for transportation. However, the price of even the cheapest parking near the airport and the cost of fuel can rarely compete with the price of another transportation option. Another disadvantage of cheap parking near the airport is the need to use transport from the parking lot to the airport and back. Upon arrival, you are forced to contact the parking dispatcher, who will arrange a ride for you. So you have to expect a delay of at least 30 minutes. Another problem with some parking lots may be insufficient security for your car.


Transportation to and from Václav Havel Airport Prague

Are you waiting for a trip to Václav Havel Airport? Do you need transportation from the airport back home? Travel comfortably, safely and at favorable prices - just call +420 728 199 816 and order the cheapest taxi in Prague. We provide non-stop transportation from and to the airport 24 hours a day.

Why to contact us?

Each client is personally greeted at the airport by a driver holding a sign with the passenger's name. We offer transportation from and to the airport at unbeatable prices. The prices of our taxi service are on average a third cheaper than the prices of regular carriers. We always have clean and modern cars with storage space for all your luggage. The taxi driver will also help you with your luggage.

You can also order airport pick-up or transport to the airport for your friends who are coming to visit you. Thanks to this, you do not have to deal with their transportation. In addition, convenient and pleasant transportation will ensure that your guests will be satisfied and will not be bothered by the crowded public transport journey.

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