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transport airport prague taxi taxi na letištětransport airport prague taxi taxi na letiště

Transport in Prague!

No waiting fees

No payment per kilometer

No starting rates

We provide reliable and comfortable taxi transfer from and to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně) and for other destinations, according your specified requirements.

You don’t have to think how far your hotel or favorite city is, or how to get from the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně). With us you pay only fort the taxi car (minibus) with an experienced driver.

You don’t have to worry about finding your own car in order and undamaged after the Prague Airport arrival. Plus, you won’t waste your time looking for affordable parking lot. You don’t have to think about getting to the airport with overcrowded public transport. With our cheapest taxi you’ll avoid the uncomfortable travel with transfers and route planning.

How much is the cheapest taxi from (to) the Prague Airport?

For the transportation from or to the Prague Airport we charge only 680 CZK or 28 EUR, regardless of whether the car has one or four passengers. Prices for the cheapest transfers from the airport to selected locations can be found on our website. The same prices apply in the opposite direction to Prague Airport (Prague Vaclav Havel Airport - Ruzyne).

Reasonable prices for our transport also apply to trips outside of Prague. If desired, we can calculate the exact cost. To do this, please write to us by email:

Taxi from and to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně)

Awaiting a journey to the Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – Ruzyně)? Do you need a transport from the Prague Airport back home? Travel comfortably, safely and at a reasonable price – just order the cheapest taxi in Prague online or call (+420) 728 199 816. We provide the transportation from and to the Prague Airport nonstop 24-7.

1 - 4 680CZK (28€) / 5 - 8 890CZK (37€)
Call 24/7
(+420) 728 199 816

Prague Municipality removes the first indication Taxi Fair Place.

The maximum price of taxis in the Decree hl. m. Prague no. 20/2006
disposable taxi rate in Prague: 40 CZK / ride
Waiting taxi Prague 6 CZK / minute
ride on the territory of Prague: 28 CZK / km

Marking taxistanovišť administrator taxi sign Taxi Fair Place is to help travelers navigate in Prague in Prague taxis and easy to find an honest taxi driver and thus prevent possible robbery. In practice it but otherwise is sad that any action to prevent robbing travelers and tourists Prague taxi drivers often do not work. Prague City Hall for the first time removes the designation Taxi Fair Place taxistanovišti that had ceased to guarantee a quality service for passengers, including regulated prices. The brand comes with parking in Holešovice station at the taxi company City Taxi, which it manages. Marking Taxi Fair Place has since August this year forty-nine taxistanovišť Prague administrator selected by the municipality of Prague in a public draw. Warrants not exceeding the price of a taxi ride 28 crowns per kilometer charged in Prague. Starting price and tax for waiting taxi must follow the procedure, which is prominently positioned at the parking taxivozů. Dishonest taxi drivers in Prague To report at

He robbed a taxi driver in Prague?
1 / store carefully taxi receipt from the taximeter with a legible price, rate, taxi registration number and the name of the driver 
2 / consult with complaints about taxi service and administrator of the station in Prague.

Customer Benefits taxi

Habitat TAXI FAIR PLACE Prague liable for the fulfillment of all customer passengers' rights and obligations taxikářských.

Overview of basic customer rights in the taxi shipment: 

- Uniform tariff taxi ride to a maximum of 28 CZK / km 

- Notification approximate fare in advance in Prague

- Taxi driver is obliged to the customer (passenger) to help carry luggage or bring

-English-speaking taxi driver is obliged to provide the requested service, which is vjeho operational possibilities

Taxi Prague Ruzyne airport, Vaclav Havel, Prague

From the center to the Prague airport Vaclav Havel 30 minutes drive

Prague's Ruzyne airport from the city center of Prague about 17 km and is located on the northwestern outskirts of Prague. The journey from the airport to the city center of Prague and vice versa from the city center to the airport takes English speaking drivers of our taxi company for about 20-35 minutes (depending on traffic situation in Prague).

Starting price of a taxi waiting for tax passenger car and minibus taxi must follow the procedure, which is prominently positioned at the parking taxivozů. Dishonest taxi drivers in Prague To report at  taxi

Order a car at the airport in Prague Ruzyne

Order a taxi car at Prague Ruzyne airport is very easy

When ordering Taxi Praha on Lets not have to wait, because you look up personal car or minibus (all cars are equipped with radios) that is closest to your locality where you are. Car or minibus will of course deliver our texislužbou always the most effective way to your destination. Traveling with our taxi service is worthwhile.

We will transport you to the airport quickly and easily

Taxi Praha will immediately transported to the Prague Ruzyne airport, Vaclav Havel

We offer reliable VIP taxi service with guaranteed fixed price throughout the territory of Prague and the Czech Republic. We provide VIP service to the airport dokudkoliv of Prague and the Czech Republic (including surrounding areas). VIP Transportation is provided nonstop.

Prague International Airport Vaclav Havel

The largest airport in the Czech Republic and Central Europe

Prague Ruzyne International Airport is the largest airport in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe annually Prague airport Vaclav Havel handles over ten million passengers through Prague, almost ten times as many people than live in Prague, in which it lies. Approximately about 50 airport transport companies provide regular transport and irregular direct flights between Prague and 103 international destinations. Prague airport Vaclav Havel is designed for both international and domestic, regular and irregular air traffic.

Airport was built between 1933-1937 on the plain above Prague Ruzyne by architect Adolf Benes, who was awarded for the construction of an international prize in Paris. Prague airport Vaclav Havel gradually widened on landing runways and airport buildings, recent extensive renovations, which was built in the North Terminal 2 was completed in 2006.

Nonstop taxi rank in Prague


Dear passengers in Prague,
we recommend that you use a taxi stand TAXI FAIR PLACE where you their administrators (taxis) guarantee a fair price. safe driving taxis, taxi drivers professionalism and high quality of taxi services.

Taxi stands of cars and minibuses in the center of Prague - Prague 1 Wenceslas Square (at the cinema star) 

Wenceslas Square (at the hotel Yalta) cheapest taxi in Prague 1

Franz Kafka Square cheapest taxi in Prague 1

Old Town Square - Parisian cheapest taxi in Prague

Marian Square cheapest taxi in Prague

Jan Palach square - Rudolfinum cheapest taxi in Prague

Smetana embankment - against Novotny footbridge cheapest taxi in Prague

National - Jungmann Square cheapest taxi in Prague

National - the National Theatre cheapest taxi in Prague

On the moat - at Slovanský House cheapest taxi in Prague

Republic Square - Hybernská cheapest taxi in Prague

Mansions - The ditch (Myslbek) cheapest taxi in Prague

Revolutionary - before Kotva cheapest taxi in Prague

Lesser Town Square cheapest taxi in Prague

Klárov - metro Lesser cheapest taxi in Prague

Hybernská, at Masaryk Station cheapest taxi in Prague

Havlíckova - The Florence cheapest taxi in Prague

Hradcany Square cheapest taxi in Prague

Loreto Square cheapest taxi in Prague

Deer - the Powder Bridge cheapest taxi in Prague

Wilson - in front of the main train station cheapest taxi in Prague

US. IP Pavlova cheapest taxi in Prague

Square of Peace cheapest taxi in Prague

On Perštýně cheapest taxi in Prague

Station - Lidice (Andel) cheapest taxi in Prague

Vodickova - in the pit cheapest taxi in Prague


Starting price and tax for waiting taxi must follow the procedure, which is prominently positioned at the cheapest taxi stand taxivozů. To report a dishonest taxi drivers in Prague at

We fly you cheaply to the airport easily

The cheapest taxi in Prague will immediately transported to the Prague airport cheaply and easily

We offer reliable service with guaranteed VIP VIP fixed price throughout the territory of Prague. We provide VIP service to the airport dokudkoliv of Prague (including surrounding areas). VIP transportation is provided nonstop.

Operating rules of the taxi in Prague

What are the duties English-speaking Prague taxi drivers are forced to follow if they want to use a dedicated area for the cheapest taxis and what are the maximum rates allowed by decree taxi capital of Prague?

1. The driver of taxi Prague is obliged to respect the free choice of car or minibus customer intends to use to transport around Prague, regardless of the order in which the vehicles are minibuses and taxis Prague taxi-station sorted.

Taxi-second station in Prague can be operated only by vehicles and minivans, which are properly marked and equipped taxis Prague taxi accordance with applicable regulations, including price list of taxi services, the technical condition is in accordance with the relevant legislation of the Czech Republic and whose purity corresponds appropriately given the weather conditions in Prague.

3. Garments and behavior of taxi drivers in Prague must match the importance of exercising the taxi service.

Taxi fourth-station in Prague can offer a taxi driver to use only authorized to operate taxis in Prague with documents showing fulfillment taxi responsibilities of the relevant Czech laws and regulations by operating a taxi that the driver must have taxis in Prague vehicle.

5th Prague taxi driver is obliged to maintain the most considerate towards people with disabilities.

6. On the taxi-station may offer only taxi service vehicles and minibuses, which are closed, vehicles and minivans least four digits and cars and minibuses with at least three access doors to the place of driver and passenger as integral dedicated space for luggage.

7. The driver of taxi Prague is required when embarking and disembarking from a customer's personal car or minibus, if the customer has baggage to assist in their loading and unloading of vehicles or minibus.

8th Prague taxi driver is obliged to carry a taxi in Prague a book Plan of the City. m. Prague with the actual name of the streets of Prague, and on request can borrow passengers for inspection.

9th Prague taxi driver at the taxi-station must not move away from the vehicle cab and must be permanently ready to provide taxi services, with the exception of activities related to the provision of taxi services in Prague - assistance in handing in baggage or bring the vehicle to the customer.

Notice for customers taxi in Prague:

Each vehicle taxis in Prague must be fitted firmly fixed roof lamp with the TAXI sign.

Official taxisazba in Prague does not exceed 28 CZK / km. The taxi driver in Prague is not entitled to require you to higher fares! Do not take risks and make guarantees about the taxi fair place in Prague.

On both front doors of the vehicle must be marked taxis Prague taxi registration number, company name taxi, taxi price list basic rate, kilometrovným taxi tariff and the amount per minute of waiting taxis. These fares must match those ticket prices, to which the taxi driver set the meter. 

Prague taxi customers are recommended to order a taxi in Prague on-line or via non-stop dispatching taxi, where it is possible to inform in advance the approximate cost of the fare in Prague. 

After driving a taxi driver in Prague obligation to issue carefully and fully completed tax receipt for your fare.This document must be taxi passengers in Prague issued a taximeter printer. 

Prague taxi operator obligations

As the operator of taxis in Prague meet and adhere to come for a license taxi? What documents must be taxi drivers Prague still with you? Both must be equipped vehicle taxis Prague? As the vehicle is to be properly marked taxi in Prague?

Vehicle Equipment taxi Prague: 

* Verified taximeter for passenger cars and minibuses approved type (verification applies in Prague two years)
* fire extinguisher for taxis packed with at least 2 kg, the operability proves seal and label (valid 1 year)
* price list taxi with a complete overview of prices taxi for transportation services in Prague (located in front of the front right seat of the car taxi)

Marking taxis: 

* Roof lamp yellow with the word TAXI Prague, executed in black letters on the front and back side, which is firmly anchored to the roof of the taxi vehicles (magnetic or pneumatic gripping taxi sv8tilny not allowed)
* refer to both front doors in order from top to bottom:
a discontinuous white taxi strip (size rectangles of 90 × 50 cm)
of the registration number of the vehicle cab (made in black on a white background, font size, min. 90 mm)
on the business name taxis (made in black on a white background, font size, min. 30 mm)
* in the upper half of each front door must be placed price list with current bid price of taxis in the municipality of Prague

Taxi operator in Prague is obliged to ensure that the vehicle taxi Prague were in operation following documents: 

* Record Traffic Taxi Praha vehicles - in taxis Prague means a daily report from the taximeter of the current day and month deadline taxi Prague
* record on driving taxis in Prague and security breaks taxi Prague - data on driving taxis in Prague and security breaks taxi Prague leads taxi drivers manually in a book with numbered sheets
* original or certified license deed to operate a taxi in Prague
* original or a notarised document on allocation of the registration number of the taxi in Prague
* a valid certificate of competence taxi drivers Prague - located in front of the right front passenger seat
* original or officially certified proof of training of professional drivers in Prague (force training 1 year)
* original or a notarised proof of regular medical examination in Prague or the Czech Republic (up to 50 years of age taxi driver every 2 years, then every year)
* registration book taximeter
* original or certified copy of the "certificate successfully passed the test taxi taxi driver '

Obligations of the carrier and driver taxi services

* Keep records of the transport price taxi three years back
* to issue a receipt for payment of the taximeter printer without being prompted for carriage taxi
* surrender the license taxi drivers in 7 days
-after expiry Prague
-The termination of taxis in Prague
- at the end Labour taxi drivers and taxi in Prague

If -nalezne or otherwise recover the qualification certificate taxi driver, taxi, whose loss, destruction, theft or misuse in writing, TI
* 7 calendar days to notify the data concerning private vehicle or taxi minibus taxi had been changed, any changes in the data reporting operation taxi appropriate TI.

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